Friday, March 8, 2019

Don't Let Technology Ruin your Doctor/Patient/Client Relationship Before it Starts

Over the 5 years we have been open, we have tried diligently to create a positive experience for our clients  and our pets.  We have a niche business where we aim to provide a common veterinary service at a reduced cost so that it is available to everyone.  We are able to price our services below most private practices because we are efficient at what we do.  And because we specialize in spay and neuter, we lack much of the overhead and inventory costs that a typical private practice has.  But we do not compromise when it comes to our choices of anesthesia, pain management, patient care, and above all, client communication.  This is why if you are price shopping, you will find that although we tend to be below private practice prices, we are not the cheapest spay and neuter clinic (and that was never our goal).

We realize that some clients prefer to book online, and not have a face to face or telephone conversation with people.  These clients are generally very busy, and very good at discerning the information we give them via our website and online scheduler.  Many of our clients are rescuers who bring us numerous animals and have no questions about the procedure.  We applaud these people for being efficient, scheduling their appointment, and following through with us. These clients are very grateful that we offer this kind of convenient scheduling.  However, our online scheduler was never intended to be a way to avoid talking to our clients.  It's unfortunate that some clients use the online scheduler and other nonverbal forms of communication because they are simply too afraid to speak to a human being.  As technology becomes more advanced, there are more pathways to take this shortcut (email, texting, instant messenger, etc...).  Sometimes this technology enables us to multitask, but it is too often used as an excuse to keep our head down and not ask the hard questions we need to ask.  When you connect with a human being either on the phone or in person, it helps you acknowledge that the situation is real. You become a more accountable participant and address your concerns more readily.

If you take the time to read our reviews, what separates us from other spay and neuter clinics is that you do get that personal experience with us.  Our staff is available and ready to answer any questions you have both before and after the procedure.  Every pet is special to someone, and we treat every one of our patients and their family that way.

So, if you see the red pawprint button on our website, don't be put off by it.  We aren't trying to avoid you.  We are trying to provide convenience for some of our clients.  And if you are thinking of pressing the button, use it wisely.  It is meant for veteran clients who don't have questions.  If you are a concerned pet owner with questions, or your pet has a health concern, give us a call!  We don't bite, and we are always at your service.

"The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place."

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